Guided tours

We organize guided excursions to the “Bajos del Temor” (“Shallows of Fear” known as such precisely because of its shallow waters), which is an outlet into the River Plate basin, explaining different aspects about the formation of the islands and flora and fauna in detail. We also adventure into small rivers and streams which lay hidden behind the reeds. We practice this tour in areas which are scarcely populated and where nature becomes the owner of the scenery. Whilst, on these tours, we give you a briefing of how the islands where formed with their different rivers swamps, vegetation and how the Delta keeps growing on. We end the tour in silent floating gently alone with the tide whist watching many breath taking sunsets.






Note: these tours are additional and only take place if our guests require them and only if weather conditions are the appropriate.

En los pantanos!!Explorando arroyos  escondidosCae el sol en Los Bajos del TemorCamalote!Fin de la excursion,  hora de regresar a la hosteria




















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