The Hummingbird's Show


Our Flying Flowers

Various years ago we started feeding a reduced group of hummingbirds which visited the flowers in our garden. With time we learned to differentiate them, grew fond of them and also started thinking of a way our little friends would never miss heir daily ration of nectar. This took us to invent our own giant feeders so at no time they would be left without their precious food.

As years went by and only with the patience and perseverance that you get living at places like this, little by little we obtained their confidence in such a way that today we form part of their environment losing the fear of us and consequently becoming more confident of human beings in general.

It is not surprising our guests spend hours watching them not more that a meter away from them.

Note: the only time in the year when hummingbirds’ spectacle diminishes is spring when the Delta is blooming with flowers and natural nectar is abundant, also helping to pollinate which is fundamental for the plants.
Another important data is that during the winter months only one species reminds on in large quantities which is the white collared one (“Leucochloris Albicollis”). During the rest of the year three species are common sight and, occasionally, a very exotic hummingbird visit us (the “Black Jacobin”), commonly known as “Black Hummingbird”.



Después de la tormenta..


Otra ronda para mis amigos, yo invito.Picaflor de Garganta BlancaPicaflor BronceadoPicaflor Verde Comun (Macho)














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