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From Buenos Aires city to Tigre town

A) By car : the best way to get to Tigre, is to take the "Autopista del sol" acceso norte motorway, Tigre branch. It’s about a 35’ to 45’ drive, following the signposts you should not have any trouble finding your way. Switching off the motorway at the Rocha avenue / Tigre signpost. You carry alone a boulevard bordered by flagpoles which is called “Naciones Unidas” ( united nations), past the train terminal on your right side, the “Tigre” river on your left, until you reach a traffic roundabout with the McDonald’s fast food signpost right in front of you. That is the beginning of the river boat station ( Estación Fluvial)

B) By train: You have 2 options for getting to tigre: 1) The TBA/ Mitre line “Tigre branch” which leaves retiro station and arrives at Tigre train station.
This is the terminal and is only about 300 mts. away from the river boat station. On week days trains leave approximately every 10 minutes, whilst on weekends every 30 minutes. The trip in itself takes about 60 minutes from retiro to Tigre.
Once leaving the Tigre train station, you will notice at traffic roundabout on your right hand side and behind this a big McDonald’s signpost. The river boat station lies just behind it.

2) The second option by train is the “Tren de la Costa” which is a combination of a train running from retiro to Bartolome Mitre station, where you get off, cross over “Maipú avenue” and board the “Tren de la Costa” at “Maipù” station ( Olivos district). This train is more silent, modern, comfortable, and touristy. As you border the river plate coastline it might be a little longer and leaves you a few blocks further away than the first alternative.

From Tigre to Los Pecanes.

Once in Tigre you go towards the river boat station where the public boats (known as lanchas colectivas) leave from. Go to the Interisleña ticket office, which is the second door passing the McDonald’s and ask for a return ticket (ida y vuelta) to “Hostería Los Pecanes”. The ticket vendor will tell you where to embark (usually Ramp 1.) Please take into account that the public boats leave very punctually and if you miss the boat you might find it will be hours for the next one. The trip up to our island takes approximately 90 minutes and the sailor who has checked your tickets on board will tell you when you are arriving at “Los Pecanes”. Remember to inform us which boat you plan to take so as to be expecting you in case the sailor forget to advise you. You will be more relaxed if you know that we’ll stop the boat for you.

There are another option of how to reach the inn. Being the afore mentioned the cheapest, most typical and popular, you might have your own boat or prefer renting a private boat tour or a river taxi, which are more expensive but don’t limit you to fixed timetable. If you decide on this last option it is important to make your reservation ahead of time.

How to reach "Los Pecanes"